I know all of this has been mentioned, but adding my thoughts to the pot:

The romance is simply too fast. In DOS2 it took until the end of chapter 3 for a fully developed romance. I felt it was way too rushed. I did think the Gale romance was well written, but it would have been better had there been a lot more development.

Looking forward, if it is true that there is a plan to put a ten-level limit, I hope that is reconsidered and raised to perhaps 15. Ten allows little latitude for playing around with multiclass builds and variations, which are really my favourite things.

And OMG please fix sticking everything that you pick up on the quick bar. Please. Please!

The companion chat in groups is good, but they don't interact at all in camp. That seems to me to be a lack.

The ability for Wizards to learn absolutely any spell is a problem. The only limitation on them now is their very limited number of spell slots. As they get higher that is going to totally unbalance the class.

Last but what really bugs me the most is PLEASE put in at least one female companion who is neither crazy nor constantly shouty. Please. Strong women don't have to be mean or yell all the time. In Origins 1 remember Liliana? It can be done. (And if you'd like to just execute Shadowheart, that would be fine with me)

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