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WTF is unreasonable bout it?

The fact that a Lothsworn Drow attacks another Lolthsworn Drow on sight?

Imagine being ambushed and petrified by a damn beholder.
Apparently there is a blackout without timelagg for the petrified person.
It probably appears like you have just blinked and you are suddenly in another location, when the petrification ends.

So I wander around the Underdark on my stupid mission to infiltrate this outpost leading to the surface.
But suddenly my people are all stone... and I am surrounded by a group of unknown people - which seem to be lead by a fellow Drow though.
Yeah I totally behave like an idiot and attack them... all alone that is.

Cause my group nuked the Beholder before he could even use a single one of them against me.
So they did not had the brainwashing spell on them also.
This encounter is the one in the game which feels the most "Early Access" of all of them.
In the entire version, there needs to be depth, reason, logic, choice.

Those is not some filler-like Gnolls on the road encounter. Drow are favoured by many fans of the Forgotten Realms.
And our only encounter with a group of them in the Underdark is just another mob-battle.
Seems like 'they' are the one's with a tadpol in their heads that ate almost all of their brain.
Just like Zombies without a mind they just attack.
A waste.

This Woman leading them even got a cool Noble's name indicating the stylish Drowsociety background story!
What is she? The most dressed up trashmob of all times?

I could understand it when the Beholder used a buff on them to make himself look allied to them. But not without.
Yeah I had hope it would be different if I create a neutral environment, but it made no difference.
I had hope.

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