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From the datamining thread:
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Vhaldez, this might be slightly interesting in terms of your Kagha is bad topic - I left out quite a few Druid responses so as not to bloat the video and to not totally destroy any sense of intrigue for people. There's an option you can take to call out one of the Druids in the cave for doing nothing to help and being snarky about it and his response is basically "only god can judge me."

So being a druid only makes the grove experience worse, it seems. I don't understand why they would assassinate the class like this. The PC as a druid is the only person besides Halsin with a shred of humanity and common sense. Why is this grove so cartoonishly evil?

Yes, also those tieflings. If druids need to reduce evil, then tieflings need to evil up. Choosing between druids and tieflings must be difficult. For example, for an idol to be stolen by an adult tiefling. We also learned that they steal supplies from the druids since it's a matter of their survival.