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I just hope the freedom to choose is there and goes both ways. That is to say, if we want to play as a fully custom character, I hope Larian doesn't remove this option we currently have.

If they go with "the custom PC also has an Origin story", then they are closing doors. As a matter of fact, they are already doing that a bit by giving our custom PC the Baldurian tag. But so far we can roleplay someone not from Baldur's Gate by not selecting the corresponding dialogue options.

Agreed. It would be really depressing if they give in to the unimaginative people and take away our freedom to make anyone we want. I do think there should be a few basic template options that those people can pick from to make it easier for them, in addition to what we have now. Not everyone wants to play an Origin character.

I agree they shouldn't take away the "really custom" option, but I disagree that all people who'd be interested in a "half-origin" system are "unimaginative". It's not a matter of not being able to come up with a backstory. It's a matter of the game world not recognizing it. It's immersion-breaking if the game treats your character as "has no past", reactivity is very important in an RPG. It's a trade-off system: do I care more about freedom in creating my character's backstory or do I want my character to feel a part of the game world (without resorting to headcanon, which sometimes has to go against what the game tells me)?

So again, DA:O-style origins aren't for "thinking for the player" or "making CC easy and quick"; they're for increasing immersion, in short.