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And yes, BG3 already has "traces" of established background.

Oh ? Where ?

What I've seen so far is only the Baldurian background. It appears as a dialogue option in a couple of conversations. What is cool about this is that, so far, you can either use it (and assume the Baldurian background) or not use it and pretend you are not from the Gate. I don't think I have seen anyone using it directly. I doubt it will stay this way when we reach Baldur's Gate, although I hope we'll have the option at character creation to choose a couple of these non sex-race-class-background tags.

Are there any other such "traces" ? (I have not gone beyond the camp celebration, so please don't spoil me if it happens afterwards).

Well, drow don't have baldurian. They have underdark instead. And I guess druegar and gnome will follow the same treat. As well, Lae'zel has a planar background. And I assume Karlach will too.