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party movement, dialogues, travelling and camping mechanics, and custom characters being soulless mute mannequins is what troubles me the most, it doesn't seem like they are going to change their mind on the way they chose to do those things...

Larian Studios answering to posts on these forums and other media (reddit and so on) would take far more time than just gather feedback silently. Also making us promises about implementing something and arguing about why they choose to do things one way or the other would be counterproductive, also a waste of time and resources. What they still could do is add a stickied post on top of forum, that nobody would read, repeating same things they already said in patch notes and other posts: that they are reading our feedback.

Don't try to change the game through some kind of mob pressure, that isn't feedback. If I work on a sculpture or painting, and somebody tells me they like this part and less so another, I may do some changes or not. Our posts can be a valuable resource, but also a waste of time reading them.

Just give suggestions and feedback without expecting anything.