Ofc. i do. smile
Thats is why we have replayability ...

For myself is much more interesting to keep my character's profile, than see everything in single gameplay (also that goal is litteraly impossible) ... its called role-playing. wink

First time i play someone who kill anyone who tryes to kill me ... Astarion didnt survive. smile
Second time i played someone with a little loosened rules about self preservation ... like, yes i do fight if i have to, yet i glagly avoid it, if that option is there ... and he survived just fine. smile
I would like to try some pacifist, who believes that everyone can be redepted ... but that is curently impossible, since knockout does litteraly nothing. :-/

Also ...
You are loosing content every time you do something the same way as last time ...
On youtube i find out that there is unique effects if you leave Shadowheart and dont offer her to join your party ... so right now im trying to leave at least one companion out with every gameplay.
So far, i tryed Lae'zel ... expected her to reach Gith patrol on her own, sadly ... didnt see her there. frown

I liked original spellcasting system more ... frown

Anyway ... i cast Eldritch Blast!