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Are there any other such "traces" ? (I have not gone beyond the camp celebration, so please don't spoil me if it happens afterwards).

As Nyanko mentioned, drow (and potentially duergar and svirfneblin) have Underdark tag instead, and Githyanki have Astral (/planar/whatever). Then we have race and class tags, deity for clerics. I hope they expand a lot on all these, there's a lot of potential in tags.

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The unimaginative comment was more directed to people who complain that they didn't want to have to come up with a full character DnD style. Not to everyone. That is why I would like there to be some premade non Origin stuff for the people that want it, but without taking away the current full freedom we have. Have the Origin characters, the partial version (maybe a bit like DA:O?) and the full custom. Possible issues with this is that people still won't be happy if they add a handful of generic backgrounds since their favourite idea isn't in the list. Also if they take the time to add in more than a handful generics or any at all, then this will take away from other aspects that need work, people would obviously want there to be more dialogue options for them.

Got you. "Have the Origin characters, the partial version (maybe a bit like DA:O?) and the full custom." is something I've been suggesting for months. And I'd throw in custom Tav presets, because why not. While I like full customs and don't mind origins, I'd love to have the hybrid option, as it's for me the best of two worlds: has more reactivity and at the same time the character is still mine.

Of course there are also downsides to the hybrid system, but they're mostly solved by having the custom and full origin options as well. (In DA:O I played a human - which I almost never do - because I liked neither Dalish not city elf origins and wanted to play a rogue.)


Also: guys, PLEASE HIDE SPOILERS. Please. ESPECIALLY if it's datamining.