The low level sword, bow and spear looks good. I would want these in any game I play, instead what most other games have. The realistic weapon style is great but not every model it is like that: mace isn't like a real mace, and every shield is basic round so far. Staves are also very poor, I'd rather have a simple, empty stick than all that cloth and metal parts that makes no sense to be there, on the low level items.

The armor looks good on female characters, but not so much on male. The hidden paladin pink armor is bad. Wizards could use more variety, both traditional and a bit sexier clothing as well. So far there are no choices at all: it's all about stats, you pick which is better, not the one which looks good.

Would like to have a slot for looks (with no weight penalties, maybe transform the armor into a skin to use it here) and one for stats.