Agreed that balance is what is needed. Just enough to make the story I'm telling myself stick. BG got it right -- I was a Bhaalspawn, I was Gorion's ward and other that I was free to make up any story I wanted to tell myself.

Feeling like you are just talking to yourself isn't enough. If I selected "urchin" people should comment on my low born accent. I should be able utter few select curses that improve my chances of getting a positive reaction from the zents and such. And just the opposite for

I get lots of reactions that are unique to my race and class but my background doesn't seem to count for anything. Custom characters need their own unique quest and a stronghold equivalent.

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The issue is that Larian's past games make "Origin" characters more relevant to the story than custom created characters.

Exactly. My custom character in DOS2 was there to carry Fane's luggage.