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So I just finished another playthrough. Wish I could edit orig post. Anyway, if you want to face roll through this game with so much damage that you will seldom need to heal and I only had 1 party member go down on only a couple of fights:
Swap my trickery cleric w/ STR based shield dwarf rogue. Pick thief. At level 4 pick up two-weapon fighting. Have one of your weapons have on hit properties. I like the Flind's weapon for tons of self heals. Just throw him in the middle of crap and watch it die. Sneak attack is icing. Stuff just melts. Sometimes 3 kills per turn. Most big stuff only survives 2 turns.

Again...alice_ashpool could probably beat the entire game with no cheese and a lvl 1. I have done it multiple times with a lvl 4. So add 3 companions and you can be whatever you want. I am not saying you need to run this party, but if you want to focus on seeing all content without prepping for fights, cheesing, stealth, etc... it's pretty darn good.

Now thanks to alice, I may need to do a lvl 1. FML

After my recent escapades w/ STR Fighter, I think it's better than STR Rogue. Start stealth for 2 turns in a row, Use action Surge. Use menacing attack to frighten them so you get an attack of opportunity and many big things are about dead or dead before they get a chance to even swing.