The '' sexy armor '' thread was locked, I just wanted to post this here tho for those like me who are interested.
There was a bit of drama around the female Mandalorians breastplates in The Mandalorian and it caused a lot of discussion around it.

Scholargladiatoria is an actual respected historian and brings up real references from the medieval ages where actual medieval artists depicted breastplates emphasizing the chest ( that's not even getting into Ancient Greece, lots of sculptures and depictions there too ).
Shadiversity I dunno but he's quite well-respected too and his videos are very informative.

Not trying to cause an argument, this is purely for people interested and I don't want to create a new thread for it.
I just think that it has been nice to see some actually legit people talk about it and I've seen a lot of people defending it recently which makes me happy and gives me hope.

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