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but remove dice rolls in a d&d game post.

In fact, this is a reasonable proposal.

Dnd dice roll mechanic simply isn't suitable for a dialogue system in CRPG where there is no GM to smooth out corners. Content in CRPG is served as is, there is no point to imitating random events in dialogues with NPCs, it looks unsuit and only provokes S/L abuse.

I think the best option is threshold requirements for skills/previously made choices/information received, or all this in combination, so that a new option in the dialogue appears at all. That is, no prompts for the skill/class requirements and visual display of dices, player see only text. In this case, player simply will not know whether he has failed a check somewhere or not, he will not feel that he has lost and will not receive a big red inscription "You Fail", in most cases he will simply move on, accepting the event as given.

And after finish the game and replaying with a completely different character, player will receive a lot of new options, otherwise solving problems where he did not even suspect such a possibility, and this is cool, it is to perceive the CRPG system as more complex and deep.

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