Not knocking people for saying Barbarians don't like using great swords, but mine did and not just for the damage dice. I mean there are other ways to increase damage output and bonuses to damage using other weapons. The great sword is probably the most versatile weapon and most common outside of the great axe. Here is the thing one must remember though, that barbarians can use ANY weapon of Martial or Simple make. I get how everyone is saying one damage dice is crappy, but if you get disarmed or your left to pick up just a longsword then you are going to pick up whatever weapon you can use for damage. Damage is damage. Magic Missile is by far the most powerful spell in the game and it is easily countered with Shield spell (which I'm assuming still blocks magic missile unless 5E revamped it). Wizards use that spell because it is potent, but they use other spells due to the fact that any caster worth their stuff knows of it and has the counter for it. So, yes, great swords are mighty, but they have to hit to do damage. If you got a great axe with a +1 you are going to take the +1 to hit over the damage dice. Maybe some of you wouldn't and hey, props to you and your character your choice, but if I got a +5 Scythe as a barbarian I'd start using that unless I had a specific in game reason I only used a certain weapon type.

I think people see big damage dice and say, "Ooo, I can kill them in one hit with this weapon!" Yeah, at low levels. Your abilities though at later levels and feats will be what does it at mid and high levels. Wizards are going to drop magic missile eventually and not due to it not being as powerful, but due to the fact bad guys are going to get tougher and smarter. Magic missle will still be powerful, but it will be countered or negated completely by powerful casters. Plus higher level spells will just out shine any weapon damage non-casters will do with weapons. That's why magic weapons regardless of their damage dice are going to be what levels the playing field.

Note: I just typed this up and saw Perignan pretty much said what I said. Sorry for repeating.

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