As discussed elsewhere already, the problem with the evil path in this game is essentially a design issue created by the fact the writers at Larian don't understand the nature of evil.

There are countless examples of great evil paths in movies and literature, Roy the replicant in Blade Runner or Thanos in Infinity wars, to name a few.

A good path is an emotional path, a social path where you're gonna help others essentially.

An evil path is the path of power, this sensation to be so powerful you can force others to your will easily and gain even more power to overcome the impossible and pursue your ultimate goal. So to help players be eager to explore this route, you need to provide rewards. And this game definitely doesn't.

In BG3, from what we've seen so far, we have a good path tainted by some evil moments, edgy and cruel decisions along the way. It comes down to the fact no real evil path has been written. Can we call it laziness? I don't know. But what I am sure about is you are left with no other choice but remorse and incentive to renounce evil and become the good person you always were deep inside or it will eventually only leave bitterness into your heart.

A very naive contribution to what a compelling evil story could have been if you ask me.

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