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Well I hope the fans of evil paths get what they want. But I also hope they get it in a way that doesn't mess with the heroic path. The problem I have with most evil paths plots is the creation of viable evil path sometimes comes at the detriment to the heroic one.

The FR are a heroic setting at the stories tend to be about heroes saving the day. The path of villian should be there but the writers shouldn't be forced to make the hero's story / villians story equally appealing. Sometimes when you try to please everyone you please no one. Anyone remember John Stewart / Steven Colbert's rally for "sanity and/or fear"?

To me, the evil path seems fine. The absolute has power, that power is based in Moonrise towers and the drow is you key to unlocking that power. Astarian gets it -- you need to find out how to get the power without the cost. Check out his dialogue after finding that true soul who died from his owlbear inflicted wounds. The evil MC is in better place than the fools he has deal with -- the brainwashed cultists aren't are aware of what's happening while you are. Sounds like an opportunity that can be exploited.

I don't agree with this. In a world with alignment going in all directions, all paths should be treated equally.

We have to remember only psychopaths enjoy being evil. For the others, it's more a question of priorities over altruism and empathy. And heroism is not incompatible with evil. I am gonna give you a very good example here of what I mean. Have you watched 'The Boys' TV show? In the boys, the one sup who's perceived by the world population as the most heroic of all is also one of the most, if not the most, evil bastard you can imagine.

So a compelling evil path is a possibility to be deceiving to the point people think you are a great hero while in fact you do your best to undermine others works to stay on top. And this path should be equally satisfying as the usual good paladin saving the girl in distress.

That's why it's a complete nonsense to have the goblins becoming your enemies after you defeat the grove. It would have been so satisfying and interesting to be welcomed as their new hero back in the camp before going on on your journey. And for me, this part shows how much disdain Larian gives to the evil path.

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