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She greatly upsets the feelings of many players who wanted to play for evil, but helped the tieflings because the root of evil was poorly developed. There are even many Lolth Drow and other lovers of the path of evil who helped the tieflings because it was a logical decision. Some didn't even know that the game had the ability to help the goblins!

Because the average Gamer of today must be told everything?
Or maybe because it is the logical decision that Goblins are just trash and not a valid option?

Cause tbh. I think everybody is actually Racist and being a Racist in itself is a very Neutral thing, it just it -> and what people are really thinking is the bad thing, is what I personally call "Race hate".
Racist = Normal
Race-hate = bad

And when I see a Goblin, I see a really trashy disgusting subhumanoid, half a Monster - even without knowing actual facts about them.
The fact that Goblins truly are super evil, spite- and gleeful, this is just a Bonus confirming "their low heritage and being".

But you cannot tell me that my Drow, a narcistic longliving Darkelf with "Fae-masterrace heritage" would side with such ugly, tiny and savage beings, which resemble a fellow Drow even less as the most random Human?
It is not just about long and pointy ears. It is also about height, class, culture, mannerism and intellect.
These Goblins are some sort of Cavemen! You wonder how they can even stay alive?
Obviously by constantly plundering and looting from those who are better than them.
Only the most less and lowly Humanoid is dependend on raids, murder, stealing and constant ransacking.

As if my noble Drow would side with such lesser creatures.
Halflings, Gnomes, Dwarfs and Humans will make so much better slaves... when we decieved them for long enough until we can suddenly just conquer them entirely in one fellow swoop.
And then they will serve us as the visually tolerable Slaves that they are. wink
But Goblins? Ugh. Such hideous, incomplete creatures.

Minthara my evil sister, you have been decieved. The Absolute is not real! Only Lolth and our kin can safe you from your confusion, wake up to it! grin