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Minthara my evil sister, you have been decieved. The Absolute is not real! Only Lolth and our kin can safe you from your confusion, wake up to it! grin

I think Lolth will not forgive her for betrayal, so when she opens her eyes to the absolute, we will have a choice - absolute evil, betray her for Lolth's sake or the Absolute to take her place, or a moderate evil that I like much more, continue to help her. Become for her a real friend and acting in our interests with the same style. As a team! That would be cool.
The fact that we play evil does not mean that we have to be a completely moral monster, there must be a optional place for something good.

Helping druids is not a good deed but should also have some kind of moral justification, and some words of gratitude from them at least, so that we can rejoice that we have new friends of the shadow druids. Now there is not a single player who helped the Kagha, who could think that he acted "cruel, but right" and remained satisfied.
More precisely, there is no quest to help Kagha in the game at all, that is, there are hints of it, but it simply has not been done.
Instead, Larian did EVERYTHING to prevent the player from having such a desire. Even her facial features and dialogue options . It's good that they didn't show the statistics of those who tried help her - even I didn't try.
This does not mean that we did not want to, it means that there is a problem.

Evil just for Evil's Sake is a Bad Decision