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I wish if you were playing a mage character, the narrator would give you a understanding of how horrific what Karsus
did to the weave was and the fact that Gale even attempted it should definitely make you think “This dude has no moral boundaries and definitely has threatened more innocent lives than any of your evil companions.” Kinda like a power for a price situation with the cost being unnatural obsession.

I like the juxtaposition between his "good face" and "polite manner" and the fact that he has the ambitions, drive and morals of a neutral evil character. Killing a single goblin in cold blood: nope, pointless, vindictive even; causing the deaths of thousands upon thousands to become a the most powerful wizard ever: yep, every time, no hesitation

but after all that he ends up bumped back down to lvl 1 with a flayer-parasite in his head. can you say owned?

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