I like her, but I feel like her disapproval and approval is way too inconsistent, probably the worst out of any character.

If you don't like her you can always just kill her instead of taking her along.

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If you say "hey who do you pray to then Shadowheart" and she replies "A nice little god called nonyafucking business now fuck off and die" some people may think "hey maybe this bird has something to hide"?

She only does that if you pry, and quite frankly I hate people who pry too and people who think that they're entitled to inject themselves into the personal lives and affairs of others.
Entire industries revolve around it, look no further than gossip magazines and gossip in general surrounding celebrities. But people in general do it and I hate it with a passion.
Her response is perfectly natural for someone in her position imo, if she doesn't want to tell you and tells you that she doesn't and you keep going she's in the right for getting mad.

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