Why do people have to make these massive exaggerations lol.
How in the hell is the female half-plate a '' metal bra ''?
It just has leather around sorta simulating the appearance of a corset without being one ( which was an actual thing historically btw ).

It looks way better than the male version imo which just looks so.... Basic and dull.
The male version just lacks personality I think.

Scholargladiatoria made a video response to the whole thing with Sarkeesian freaking out about the female Mandalorians breastplates and he actually showcased real historical depictions of women wearing armor from the middle-ages.
Even back then people had the idea of armor specifically made for women being different and more feminine.
In a setting where women being soldiers and fighting is the norm I actually like seeing that, that women being a part of warfare has actually had an influence because it's VERY likely that this would've happened historically if women had worn armor enough that they'd even be taken into consideration at all.
And we have actual historical paintings depicting it from middle-age artists.
( And yes I am aware of Joan of Arc etc, we don't even know what armor she wore and even so women were so rare that they just slapped the developed standard on them and called it a day. Numerous of historians have covered this topic before. )

If people don't like it that's fine, but I'd really hate to see them get rid of it because of people who probably won't even play female characters to begin with.
And if you don't like it then it can be modded out later anyways, but I'd like to for once have something nice.
And the way they're doing it makes actual sense contextually and also even from a '' what if '' historical pov.

I mean it just sounds to me like you think that femininity isn't cool or badass.
I think that most women do, and you're severely overexaggerating about it too.

Edit: And why is it always that female gear needs to '' correct itself '' by male gear?
For once if you're gonna standardize things and make it all the same ( *yawn* ) then do it the other way around then.
I am so tired of people arguing about this as if the masculine is always the default that the feminine needs to be judged by.

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