That greatsword+2 is hideous. Not only does it look immensely impractical it also just looks plain gaudy. Who would use a morningstar as their handguard? I think I'd rather just use the greatsword+1 just to avoid using that thing.

Most everything else looks fine at least.

I actually like the lower tier versions of most of the armors, but most of them aren't glaringly bad at least. I do like studded leather+2 more than +1 though. Amusingly padded armor+2 looks way more protective than the leather and hide sets. I love it. Regal as Heck and very comfy looking.

I think my favorites by far are padded, hide, and chainmail. They all look good at all tiers and their top tiers all look fairly practical while still being stylish. Enjoying hide is especially good because I imagine my druids will be spending most of their time in that when they get introduced.

I would've liked more padded looking armor under the breastplate for the breastplate set instead of leather. It looks uncomfortable to me and breastplate tends to be the armor I go to when I want to look more stylish while still being protected.

Female halfplate looks disappointing compared to the male's. Why is their breastplate not visible aside from their boobs? Boobplate is one thing but this looks like she only has metal armor to cover her breasts specifically. That gets mostly fixed at halfplate+2 at least.

Not feeling the plate armor sets. Especially +2. Looks great if I wanted to be a paladin but if fighters and ranger-knights have to wear it too it is going to not mesh well with the class fantasy. At least for me.

Also just in general I think this really shows that we need some kind of basic dye system for the armor. Even if all we can change is the color of the fabric decorations that'd be a big deal. I really like the standard plate but once it upgrades I lose out on that nice green color that'd go great on a ranger-knight or Oath of the Ancients paladin. Same with chainmail+1 vs +2.

All in all I hope they give players some flexibility in how they look. It'd be less work in the long run than trying to design a dozen different variants of each armor type.