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Female halfplate looks disappointing compared to the male's. Why is their breastplate not visible aside from their boobs? Boobplate is one thing but this looks like she only has metal armor to cover her breasts specifically. That gets mostly fixed at halfplate+2 at least.

The funny thing about this is that you're literally asking them to make the breastplate LESS armored.
It's just leather meant to simulate a corset without being one, which again like I said above was an actual historical thing that even men did even with the actual shape of the breastplate itself.

It's for the same reason that men did wear breastplates shaped like corsets historically and why today male armor is usually emphasizing wide shoulders and wide torsos and chests ( wideness in general really ).
It's to emphasize femininity or masculinity.
But suddenly when it's femininity people act like it's wrong and a problem...