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Other than the game literally screaming that it wants you to romance her, I have no issues with Shadowheart.

I felt quite the opposite, you have to try harder with her to get on her good side.
Gale was the one who I felt the game was nudging me in the direction of constantly and I wasn't interested in him even.

There's a difference between "the game" and "each character" screaming at you to romance them.

Astarion, Lae''zel, and Gale all explicitly scream at you to romance them.
The game (presenting SH as a mystery, making her one of the first companions you come across on the beach, the fact that she has a tender fireside-chat scene instead of a fuck scene) is steering you towards her much more so than to Wyll or Lae'zel.
Wyll...idk he's busy screaming at his love interest.

I mean Lae'Zel is the first one you run into and Shadowheart being a mystery makes sense story-wise.
It makes sense why she'd hide her worship and who she is.

I don't think that Lae'Zel is telling the whole truth either, and Gale also hides his past too.