I've said this before but the d20 rolls for skill checks are one of the best parts of the game. The d20 checks, the lighting, the empty containers are the things that make this feel like D&D.

If you get rid of the d20 my build -- very squishy diplomat -- becomes less relevant. I'm walking around with 17 charisma and 9 constitution so I can make those checks. If anyone can make those checks with any build then I just wasted some points I should have put into battle stats.

I don't have to save scum I just use my inspiration points, cantrips and guesses about what sort appeals are likely to persuade. Inspiration points are given out like candy in this game.

PoE1 had crap combat. While playing I kept thinking "such great art, such a great story but this combat ruleset is the suck. I wish they had made a DnD game" Battle was a tiresome chore to complete so I find out more story details.

And even J.E. Sawyer has said the d20 is too iconic to go away.

Now save scumming for battle? Constantly. That's where the rules need to be fixed.