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I've said this before but the d20 rolls for skill checks are one of the best parts of the game. The d20 checks, the lighting, the empty containers are the things that make this feel like D&D.

If you get rid of the d20 my build -- very squishy diplomat -- becomes less relevant. I'm walking around with 17 charisma and 9 constitution so I can make those checks. If anyone can make those checks with any build then I just wasted some points I should have put into battle stats.

Isn't this the opposite of what would happen?
Without the d20, your 17cha 9con squishy diplomat will succeed all those persuasion checks.
With the d20, your 17cha character is only better than a 10cha character 15% of the time.
Without the d20, a 10cha character will not be able to make the persuasion checks that your diplomat can make.