DING! Just been in a debate on a youtube vid about this. Someone called what Shadowheart did as evil when she comes to the camp then tries to kill you after a failed roll. But really, when you're protecting your own SANITY that is SELF PRESERVATION! Honestly. Some people need to stop avoiding giving a straight answer and just tell me their opinion on that matter already. Yeez.

I roleplay as a hellhound online. It's quite fun. IMO what makes you evil is that you're "just there". Hell, you might not even be a target. I just want fun. It will be at your expense. Amuse me or die. And even then you still might die.

But an evil red dragon (or an ice one) might still spare you if you AMUSE them. And show you have a brain. Suddenly you might end up as their personal lover or pet (or whatever else). The harm still being present yet with affection and affirmation. In life and in games we don't always choose that. But how do you RESPOND to the situation? You're no use if you're not useful. And "good" will easily turn their backs on you. Perhaps MORE so then evil. At least evil will toy with you. Which can turn into something more.

I'm more definitely an evil character. But which one? I know direction even if I thrive in chaos. I follow but I also lead when I must. Prefer following. That evil stuff I do? Do it to me too.

I'm nothing if not fair. Does this mean I just made evil fair? Huh.

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