I am in favor of keeping the d20 for skill checks; it is what makes d&d d&d.
The implementation in BG3 does need work though
-Failure needs to be much more 'fun.' Or, as others have suggested on the forum, the consequences should be made less immediately apparent.
-Dialogue checks could lead to additional dialogue options, not results
---e.g., Kagha
Fail persuasion check to release the child. This leads to an option (NOT a check) where you can kill the snake and face the consequences, put yourself in harms way, or let the child die.

-There are definitely places where you should be able to use a passive score instead of rolling.
-BG3 could allow more advantage on skill checks
---e.g., Breaking down the door. Instead of just having Lae'zel do it, you tell her to lead and Help her, giving her Advantage
---e.g., The party works together to persuade Kagha to [see spoiler]

Edit: @KillerRabbit I agree. I definitely want the thrill of the d20 to remain in the game.
The Gut fail end result is a good example of fun failing

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