Bugs I've found so far aswell.

After talking to shawdowheart for the first time, when she joins theres two of her.

Sometimes Companions wonder off so get stuck. I found (spoiler)
After killing The female arch Druid, i kept getting kicked out of the deepest part of the grove. and Wyll just wondered off on his own.

The Approval ratings aren't working, I have a super high rating for Gale but everything is still neutral for everyone else. Which is odd as i've been making sure to do all the responses that astarian would like, and ive been getting his approval constantly but its still to neutral. (I would have hated to kick that squirrel and stealing off kids for no reason!)
I've tried reloading, even making another profile to see if it works using the same responses but it doesn't sadly!

Sometimes Wyll while in a fight, i'll pick a spell and he'll just hit it with his sword

The Mercenary that gets trapped outside the Grove (i can't remember his name) once he gets inside where his stuff is, he is just glitches out, fallout 3 style!

Wyll now, While in my party will start his intro speech about joining forces.

Sometimes the teifling tails go mad and fly all over the screen (which is actually really funny) same when sometimes i'll kill someone in a fight and they'll just ragdoll everywhere (equally funny!)