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DING! Just been in a debate on a youtube vid about this. Someone called what Shadowheart did as evil when she comes to the camp then tries to kill you after a failed roll. But really, when you're protecting your own SANITY that is SELF PRESERVATION! Honestly. Some people need to stop avoiding giving a straight answer and just tell me their opinion on that matter already. Yeez.

That is main problem with aleigances in general ... they are just limiting.

You can see yourself as lawfull good paladin, that will protect poor villagers from bloodthirsty goblin raiders ... but from goblin perspective you are nothing but chaotic evil murderhobo (since that word is so popular around here) who kill anyone on sight. smile

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I roleplay as a hellhound online. It's quite fun. IMO what makes you evil is that you're "just there". Hell, you might not even be a target. I just want fun. It will be at your expense. Amuse me or die. And even then you still might die.

And great thing is that, its possible. smile
Sadly ... for some people even that possibility alone will work like "the only way" argument. frown

I liked original spellcasting system more ... frown

Anyway ... i cast Eldritch Blast!