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Again, would be nice to get a developer comment on the designs.

If they came out and said that only the elven weapon designs and fancy armor designs are in the game currently, we wouldn't have to worry or discuss these at length.

They should at least provide a generic or utilitarian version of armor designs, because not all adventurers are pompous fools paladins of Sune or Lathander who want overly fancy decorated golden armor and weapons. Stealthy, woodsy and sinister characters wear armor, too.

I really don't see the current plate armor design as fit for a Lathander paladin at all. I can't imagine where this armor would look good at all; maybe with Solar or Planetar guys, because they have so unusual, bright skin and eye tones, so this armor would not look too weird on them. Why do you think of paladins so lowly? Most of them aren't vainglorious at all, by their code. You met some bad examples, it would seem.