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And yet Minthara & co act as if they do

Ofc she do ... read what you writed abowe, and it should make sence. wink

Makes sense for whom? Just because Minthara is evil, the goblins are evil and my githyanki wizard is evil doesn't mean they all share the same point of view. That is what makes alliances between evil characters of different backgrounds so difficult to write, and this is where the writers have failed so far. When you lack a common goal, you need to bring something to the negotiating table that the other side might be interested in.

Good characters can be united in their willingness to help those in need. And my impression is that the writers thought that this means the opposite must be true; evil characters must be motivated in their willingness to rampage and murder. Minthara & Co are acting as if an evil PC would be on their side, even though they come to the negotiating table empty handed.