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Not sure who is "they" but it seem to me that both sides come to negotiation table same empty handed ...

Minthara may seem to expect player to join her ... but that have several reasons:
For one, why else should player even talk to her, if he isnt open to this option?
For two, she concider player to be True Soul ... therefore she can expect player to worship Absolute, same as herself ... and therefore their goals should be simmilar.
For three, player is not forced to be part of that raid, he is just offered that place. There are some dialogue choices (that i didnt try so far) where player can tell her, that he helped when he bring her location of groove, but raid is her job. Also, im quite sure i have read somewhere in this threat that someone missed whole raid somehow.
And last, but not least ... there is that fact that Minthara is smug b**ch that see herself as superior. smile

So her acting make sence to me.
This whole raid was planned long before player even show himself around, so she have whole plan prepared even without player ... all she needed was groove location. Players participation on this raid, is welcome bonus ... but its not crittical.

Nope. My PC did not come empty handed; she could offer the location of the grove and a way in, since she was a welcome visitor there. It is literally in the first few sentences you exchange with Minthara. Had she been able to raid the grove on her own, she would have done so already. Her impatience indicates that she is running out of time. Whether this is the absolute's will or Minthara's own initiative, she is currently failing in this task. As an ex-Lloth drow she should be familiar with competing for the favor of a deity and what happens to those that fall out of favor. And yet neither she nor the goblins have anything to offer in return, and the writers haven't taken this into account. Perhaps this makes sense to you, but to me it does not.