There have been three ladies so far taking on this corner of the Sword Coast. In chronological order:

Freyja, Shield dwarf wizard. It was so exciting, and bloody confusing, trying to figure out all the game's kinks while having the fortitude of papier-mâché, and she did missed out on a lot of fun stuff, like murdering a whole village of Kuo-toa.
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Esmeray, Drow cleric of Lolth (life domain). I love this lady to bits! Oh, that blood eye stare just before she skewers them on her rapier! And the looks on people's faces when a Drow shows up to kick ass. Plus her jaw-droppingly gorgeous looks! Absolutely loved every second I got to spend with her.
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Nazmiyya, Zariel tiefling battlemaster. Just a Baldurian girl with a polearm here to whoop some ass and being so unbelievably horny for Gale that she T-posed through all of his romantic scenes. It was hilarious!  
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I'm really itching to get back in and do another playthrough! Maybe a ranger, try that class out. 

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