Seductive evil doesn't draw me in unless it's done very well, it comes across as lesser or petty. I suppose my issue is that I prefer the pursuit of power to make things better even if others can't understand or don't agree. The idea where you want to improve things but you believe that no one else other than yourself can actually accomplish it. It's obviously not the good path because you're doing it on the belief that everyone else is simply too incompetent, too corrupt to accomplish it. "If I have to drag them into the future kicking and screaming than so be it." that kind of evil. Take the Absolute's order to destroy the grove, that's a failure to convert those people to your cause. Now obviously you can't always convince people to see things your way, sometimes you have to remove people in order to better the world. However, the complete extermination of the Teiflings and Druids shows that the Absolute is a one trick pony that can only succeed through the use of simpletons such as the Goblins and puppets such as Minthara and the Hobgoblin. That's a danger sign as for the Absolute to succeed it needs to stick tadpoles in peoples head and control them. Sure she/he will show up in your dreams and offer you power, however as you progress you gain a fairly good idea that its the tadpole and its master pushing you to use it more and more so that it can grow stronger rather than you. Of course, beating the dead horse, we're not sure if its a Illithid plot or been hijacked by a singular or group of gods so there is a chance that there's a carrot somewhere, but it's a pretty shriveled carrot. If the there was an objective to convert the Teiflings to follow the Absolute, that they would be able to find an accepting home under this new order than that is compelling. Obviously the druids would be wiped out, because there's just no saving them from themselves.