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I think Kagha killing the child scenario is particularly bad because so much hinges on it. If you are roleplaying a good character and the child dies you really can no longer side with the druids. I killed all the druids for their crime, but that leaves me in a poor position story-wise because I am not going to ally myself with the goblins. Of course I still killed all the goblins to help the teiflings but it made the story weaker because I had no narrative motivation other than helping them.

That's an extreme overreaction to what is basically an accident. Your bizarre interpretation of the events is your own issue.

I do think the DC's in general should be lower. 10 should be the usual target, but it seems that the game throws WAY more 15's and 20's so that a trained expert barely has a chance of passing your typical challenge. There should also be a low DC persuasion check to tell the kid to go with the guard and sit in time out.