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No evil character would side with the Absolute as it is written right now. Even the Joker, the most iconic example of Chaotic Evil out there, would be trying to get the tadpole out because if he dies to the tadpole he can't make Batman kill him instead.

Really? The tadpole gives you power. That brand + gloves = power. Evil coming to bad end is always the case. If evil characters would never follow paths that lead to bad ends there would be no evil in the Forgotten Realms. The Tav who sells her soul to Asmodius is going to end up living in hell for all eternity but she does so to get more power.

I mean, the evil Tav that doesn't sell their soul is still going to end up in the Nine Hells, Abyss, Tarterus etc. May as well get an early signing bonus and hopefully work your way up the chain so you at least end up as a spinagon or something when you die. Beats starting the real portion of your existence as a lemure or dretch.

Time on the prime (and life in general) is sort of meaningless when the afterlife is a well known reality.