Regarding the light armor - the padded one looks alright. Safe and somewhat stylish. The leather one is plain - for the better or worse. The studded armor looks absolutely terrible, in my opinion. >.<

Medium armor - hide armor looks... Alright. Chain is not my style, but the T3 one looks good enough! The T2 scalemail looks great, but T3 is a bit too much - in my opinion. Really like the breastplate. Half-plate looks weird, though, at least for the females... :x

Heavy armor - Ringmail t2 - WTB pants. T3 looks dope though. I like the chainmail - though the colors of the T3 is definitely not my style though. Splitmain T1 and T2 looks awful - but the T3 one is gorgeous! The plate in general gets a plain "NOPE!" from me. >.<

Just opinions, I don't think anything should be changed or removed if people like them in general - as long as there are mods to "transmog" with, then I'll be happy as long as there is one good set.

Personally, I am the direct opposite of some people here. I like stylish armor - it is a fantasy game so I am not really too concerned about the "practical" value of the armor. I mean... There is literally enchanted gear and weapons, real life logic does not apply imo - like I said in another thread about the subject... If there was a magic bra making you invincible - then it would be used in real life. Bra, or not.

None of these are what I'd call ideal for myself. When it comes to outfits alone, then this is my top list of choices (personal preferences, these types are not for everyone :p ):

Female armor:

Light/Medium - Senna, Samira and Katarina (League of Legends), Demon hunter sets (Diablo 3). For more caster style, Yuna and Lulu (Final Fantasy), Morgana / Karma (League of Legends) or Tyrande (Heroes of the Storm / World of Warcraft).

Heavy armor - Saber (Fate), Crusader and barbarian sets (Diablo 3), Leona (League of Legends) or Auriel (Heroes of the Storm).

Male armor:

Light/Medium - Cloud, Aaron or Valentine (Final Fantasy), Jhin or Graves (League of Legends), demon hunter sets (Diablo 3). For casters: Twisted Fate or Swain (League of Legends), monk sets (Diablo 3), Medivh and Deckard Cain (Heroes of the Storm).

Heavy armor - Guts and Griffith (Berserk), crusaders and barbarian sets (Diablo 3), Darius and Shen (League of Legends).