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I do know that there have been MANY posts of the different looks of armor types, I'm one of those that prefer a more practical look when it comes to armor. Regardless of that, however, the only thing I do ask is that multiple versions of the same armor type look at least a little bit different. I had my main and Astarion standing next to each other, both wearing leather armor, and it was identical. Literally. Down to the imperfections of the cut. Same color, same style, same notches in the panels. This is EA, so I'm understanding of that, but, in release, please make some variations in the armor. Just some randomness when two characters are wearing the same type, just for some ascetic feel. I guess this would probably also go for weapons as well. Two rapiers are going to look completely different from each other. (I apprenticed under a forger/weapons master for a time, so I know that even individual smiths don't like reproducing the same look of a weapon each time. They will create variations of each one)

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