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I think Lolth will not forgive her for betrayal, so when she opens her eyes to the absolute

Who knows? Most people do not seem to know this but Drow atually do not need to have 'red' eyes.
And apparently they only have the red eyes because Lolth favours them in some way for their mentality and actions.
Lolth probably thinks it is cute that a Drow has gone "renegade" but is still acting like an evil, cruel Drow Mistress should. She is a cruel Goddess supporting ill will and manipulation after all.
I think she would be more enraged with Minthara if she suddenly becomes a "surface Races lover" and wants to do good things overall. wink

But yeah Drow can actually lose their red eyes if they denounce Lolth and choose Eilistrae instead.
Very ni~ce if you see a Drow with eyes that are not red it is kinda a seal of proof that they are most trustworthy.
Until the Lolthsworn Drow learn to hide their eyecolor that is.

The ability for the player to make Minthara a cleric of Eilistraee after some drama sounds too fantastic and I'm not sure Larian will be working on such content, but I would be very happy to try this opportunity. For this, it is necessary that the way to get Minthara into the party was not only with the goblin root, she can surrender and offer her help when we help tieflings, for example. I don't think she wants to die when all the other goblins are dead, and the Absolute will punish her even if she survives. This should be followed by some unusual events in the Moonrise Tower, and a lot of dialogue like Viconia to make her neutral.