Armor visuals aside, I think all the mechanics should be there as well. Namely the strength requirements.

Ring Mail has no purpose when Chain Mail doesn't require that 13 Strength. Ring Mail could be the armor of choice for low level Clerics who have the proficiency but less than 13 Str and Dex, before they can upgrade to a Half Plate. Otherwise I don't see any purpose for Ring Mail to exist in the first place. It's only marginally better than Scale Mail for a 10 Dex character to begin with.

Even more important is that Splint and Plate require that 15 Strength so that Strength gets some value over Dex. And that Clerics can't dump both Strength and Dex and wear Full Plate with 8 Strength.

Chain Mail could be available at the stores since it's a basic starting armor. Withholding it for a few hours so it would be an upgrade doesn't really make things more exciting.

And what's up with the pricing? Studded Leather costs 500?