Thanks for keeping this active, folks.

Part of the point I was trying to make was that, even in 5e, there are plenty of very much official art pieces that depict halflings with good proportions - more, in fact, than depict them with bad proportions. The ideal here would be to point to the published-in-official-5e-books artwork that we Do want Larian to draw from... not to try to say that the bad ones are the 'truth', because they aren't.

5e didn't "go back to bobble heads" - one or two of their artists did that, but several other artists did NOT do that... and no one image is more official than any other, when they're all published in official books.
The 5e descriptions make no mention of the bad proportions at all - something which would have been mentioned if it were indeed canonical.

Let's try and focus on the depictions that come officially from 5e which are good, rather than the awful ones.