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I like the lithe, athletic halflings, not the wannabe hobbit ones.

Lidda was awesome.

I really liked how they did halflings in 4e, too, especially the lore for them.

5e they basically said, "Nope, they're hobbits again. Forget the cool halflings of the last two editions. We back on that Tolkien train, all aboard!"

Also, relevant reading (with pictures): https://roguish.wordpress.com/2018/05/20/halflings-through-the-ages-and-dd-editions/

Yikes that guy/girl liked the pathfinder take on halflings, super wide faces like someone stretched them half a face extra.

So looks like 5e reverted to 3.5 height and slapped 10 additional pounds on the average halfling.

Oh crap I do remember seeing some of these pictures, took a hour of digging around to find them.

[Linked Image]

StrongHeart / StoutHeart

[Linked Image]


Having a hard time finding Ghostwise, presuming they would be the ones with no shoes an furry feet.