The issue is that all those varied area layouts, with ladders/platforms/mountains/what you don't have, seem to be working against the ai. The enemies get defeated by tasks like climbing, and yet most combat encounters feature lots of climbing possibilities.

-ash elemental

Sorry to hear that, man.
I haven´t played fact I have no hardware to play this game..unless I pay some online streaming Stadia, which is not yet available in my country.

Anyway...I agree with general comments above...DOS2 had some memorable combats (so did BG2), and both set the bar high for BG3.
Often times you had to die first to figure out how to handle each combat.
That for me is ok.

yes - teleporting was was polymorph to chicken..haha...often times the tactic was to teleport enemies right next to my protagonist and then petrify or polymorph,
depending on their defensive weaknesses.

I do remember the final fight of DOS1 being easier than that of DOS2...which was very elaborated indeed.
I read some people still managed to beat the game with ease...not me frown.