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I think your first photo is actually the tanto dagger.

I've never been a huge fan of Japanese weaponry. I was playing RPGs in the early/mid 80s when all things Japanese seemed to be the new wave of 'cool', and never got the same feeling of excitement that others seemed to share. Katanas and ninja still leave me cold, I'm afraid.

I did venture into a fantasy Chinese campaign and weaponry, however, and have a strong affection some of the Chinese weapons. For some reason they don't appear on the radar much in the West, certainly nothing like as much as Japanese weapons.

I've never understood where to draw the line between japanese and chinese weaponry myself. It seems to me that many attribute japanese weapons as those used by the samurai, the soldiers, and more ninja-esque weapons as chinese, used by monks and spies. But both China and Japan used soldiers and spies and there are striking simularities between the countries weaponry. After all, they are neighbours smile

If Larian will implement east asian weaponry though, I really want to see wind and fire wheels. Those are strictly chinese. And, unlike chakrams, they were not throwned weapons so easier to animate smile

How player see Asian weapons in the game:
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How the game designer sees it:
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