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I kind of agree here and I really hope that the Elf face templates in the character creator are just placeholders tbh.

I'm all for inclusivity however, so here's a bunch of faces I think would work fine for elves while still allowing representation. Elfin Faces personal headcanon examples

Don't get me wrong but Faerun has it's own people of color as human subraces and having elves looking exactly the same makes no sense and again turns them in humans with pointy ears (probably on glue).
May an elf share some facial features with those human subraces? - Yes, as long is it doesn't contradict elven specifics for those features. It's even normal for wood elves to have brown or yellowish skin. What we have now with some elven heads is not the case, unfortunetly.
If you take a look at elven portraits from NWN there are some good examples of how an elf may look more mongolian or african and elven at the same time.

Agreed with Zellin, I think fantasy races shouldn't reflect real-life human ethnicities, unless there is a good lore reason for that (tieflings). Elves are visually closest to Caucasian features with some Asian aspects (as I see it), but above that they should be their own thing. That said, asheraa provided some real faces with good guidelines for elvish features in humans. This is how half-elves should look like imo.