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First off, I know this is early access and we have a long way to go but is the game full of tons of unused stuff and not very challenging?

I've put in a good 60 hours or so and it seems that I made though most of chapter 1. What I have found is that I hardly use the inventory and magic in the game. For weapons and armor, sure I use the best that comes along but for potions, poisons, scrolls, and all the other inventory, I rarely use it. I eat food all the time though. For spells, I rarely use those too since I keep thinking that I need to save the for a tough situation when I can't return to camp. The only scroll I use is the one to raise the dead. I do routinely use the cantrips although they tend to be the same ones. Is dipping or knock unconscious even needed for anything?

In the end, I collect a ton of stuff but never need it. I am really surprised how little spells are needed. Perhaps I am not being adventurous enough and not experimenting but the game's challenge should lead me into thinking more.

I know the game is not done and dialing the proper challenge level is to be revised but what do you think? Is it too easy and you don't need much of the inventory and magic offered?

Btw, I am playing a warlock.

Kind of wonder if the game was setup this way for EA, since there is no levels of difficulty. The mass amount of scrolls, bombs, barrels, & environmental interactions would be a great way to test combat see how people use such items and general feedback on how they like it.

Off the top of my head I used food/pots the most for first solo play, never did 3/4 of the areas. My multi-play actually ran into a problem with spider boss, my character halfling cleric got shoved off the side early and instant died, our warlock that has 8 con got pummeled like normal and it was pretty much a two-man group Shadowheart and a Shield Dwarf Fighter. It took a lot of scrolls, those purple bombs from the ship, and food. Well that an using our warlock as a target dummy.

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