I really like the TB system. Though in the interest of full disclosure, I've never played BG1 or 2; I was recommended BG3 EA because I like D&D so much. So I thought it really captured the experience of playing D&D for me. To be honest - and maybe I'm just a baby - but I've recently been playing Dragon Age 2 as well and the RTwP system is really confusing for me and it's kind of hard for me to pay attention to everything that's going on :\ What I end up doing is just playing it in RT like a hack and slash but then I don't really command my party unless I'm in a pinch. I personally prefer the level of control I get with TB.

That said, when fighting the goblin camp, it was painful waiting for all the goblins to take their turn, lol. It would be cool if enemies grouped together in the queue could take their turns simultaneously as was suggested earlier in the thread.