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What do you all think? Is our DM (Larian) being a bit too generous? Or am I just crazy?

You're probably somewhat crazy. But I agree : the game, at the moment, is way too generous. Magic items need to feel special ... magic. (BG1 had a nice curve on this. By the end, everyone had a +1 or +2 weapon, but it took some time to get there. Though I don't want mention BG1 too much, for fearing of sounding like a fanboy, it's just ... some things were actually done well. Not all, but some were.)

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My next run I'm gonna try to do in half the time of this one, and NOT search the nooks and crannies, and NOT loot most of the containers, and then see how much stuff I have at the end. I gotta do it so I can make the comparison, for science.

I believe this will be valuable and interesting.

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They set a version of the game before us, and said "tell us what you think of this". We're just doing that.

Exactly my approach to feedback. Although ... I'm a bit disappointed by Larian's lack of communication. On the one hand, if this was a board game designer gathering feedback from 4 players, I'd certainly and strongly say that the players must not be told what the designer wants to observe. Otherwise this will bias their play. But here they have hundreds or thousands of playtesters. I wish they could announce the things that are planned for later/the very end, the things that upcoming on their roadmap, and the problems they're already aware of (from internal testing or feedback received since the beginning of EA). This way, the feedback would focus more on what has value, and less on what Larian is planning to remove/change/revise anyway. Anyway, without guidelines, we cannot assume that this or that is certain to change.

Hoping we'll be able to create great assumptions-free Custom Characters and be given great roleplay options.