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because the point of a role playing game is to make a character and develop it by roleplaying it in the face of challenges.

origin characters remove all of the agency by having everything pre determined.

hell, did you play Temple of Elemental Evil with the default party or did you make your own?

If you don't want to play origin character, nobody forces you to do so. Just make a character you like and go for it. What's the point of your whining?

Just takes a huge amount of dev time away from the actual game and adds content very few want.
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Considering that the "Origin" system continues in BG3, you might suspect that players enjoyed using it in DoS2.
The argument that the custom characters were shallow doesn't make much sense in this case. Most people didn't even know it when they first played it, but the system would still have to be popular (most people don't even finish games, not to mention playing a few times.).
If it were otherwise, Larian would not waste resources to introduce a mechanic that not many people like.

Could use some statistics from DoS2 how many people finished the game as a custom character. It may turn out that the "origin" system may have been more popular than we think.

This isn't DoS2.

Larian is falling back on a system they already developed. Thats what big game developers do.

DoS has different source material than BG. Just because it seems to have worked well for one source material does not mean it will work well for a different source material.

In addition, just the title itself will be attracting a player base from decades ago.

I just do not see origins working well with this source material unless it opened up entire new start areas and game play.

Neat little easter egg. But not the meat and potatoes.

spells. races. classes. map. npc interactions.

will the druids give different items to druid player characters? will tieflings let tiefling player characters join their group? etc etc.

and MORE companions. Halson the druid good spot to join. minthara. a few others.
Even getting that smart ogre to join your party.
There are better things the devs could focus on, that the player base would go absolutely enjoy more.

There should be more focus on that, and less on origins of very limited companions.

Why shouldn't this work for BG3?

The last thing the game needs is a bunch of poorly written companions.

But they are already.. poorly written.. and very generic, not one Gnome, Halfling or Dwarf.. and Larion had the gaul to tell us off for making Vault Dwellers and they do the exact same thing with origin characters...

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